Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The USA is Combating ISIS in Syria, they Say, if You Believe them!

When she was the US's secretary of state, Hillary Clinton in a congressional hearing spilled the bean: 'we created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.' Well, that was a shock for most westerners following her, but not for the rest of the world who knew this. It was a shock for most of those in her own country because the USA operates in secrecy, isn't that how democracies work?!

The USA is Combating ISIS in Syria, they Say, if You Believe them!

Is there any need to remind you that ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and they only disagreed on the way they report their crimes, Al Qaeda, the US-created terrorist group, was going through some internal issues after Obama killed Osama, as he claimed, Zawahiri, Osama's successor, and the former deputy was solidifying his rule when another figure emerged from a CIA-run prison in Iraq, this new figure was a so-called Abu Bakr Baghdadi who called on Zawahiri to pledge allegiance to him, Zawahiri refused and ISIS was announced.

In case you'd like more information on all of these, I refer you to my site Syria News and just look up any article, all of them have multiple links to other articles and in most of the articles, you'll find supporting material from their direct sources.

There is a US army with personnel from other armies, mostly from NATO member states operating illegally in the Syrian Al Tanf area and in other places in Syria, they formed a coalition with a set goal to combat ISIS. They still maintain that lie despite the endless number of times they were exposed including times when they dropped weapons to ISIS terrorists which they claimed was done by mistake, several times, when they carried out military drills with ISIS-affiliated groups, and when they bombed a Syrian army post that was protecting over 120,000 citizens in Deir Ezzor city which was besieged by ISIS, the bombing that killed 84 of the Syrian army officers and soldiers allowed ISIS terrorists to takeover their post overseeing the city but luckily, reinforcement came very fast and eliminated the terrorists. The Pentagon later apologized for that 'mistake'.

The above preface might explain how the US-led coalition in the Al Tanf area managed to remove the head of the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group dubbed Maghawir Thawra and replaced him with the head of a smaller ISIS-affiliated terrorist group which the same coalition claimed back in 2017 it stopped arming because it was attacking the Syrian army without coordinating first with their base!

When you're combating ISIS, how come you're appointing the commanders of its different groups?

Details in this report: US-led Coalition Combats ISIS in Syria but Commands its Groups!

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