Saturday, September 24, 2022

Syrian Security Deliver Severe Blow to Biden Forces in Daraa - 7 Killed

Syrian security in the Syrian southern province of Daraa raided a farm near the city of Jassim and killed 7 US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the early hours of the morning yesterday, Friday 23rd of September.

Syrian Security Eliminate 7 US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists in Daraa

After news of a terrorist group hiding on a farm on the outskirts of the city of Jassim in Daraa's northern countryside, a Syrian law enforcement unit was dispatched to the site, secured the perimeter, and raided a house built on the farm, heavy clashes with the ISIS terrorists eliminated 7 of them and a Syrian security agent was killed, locals and the Syrian official news agency Sana reported.

The terrorists were plotting to carry out a series of new terrorist attacks against the Syrians, civilians, army personnel, state officials, and public workers. Their weapons, munition, and suicide vests were seized and destroyed.

This qualitative successful operation comes after a number of similar operations that led to the liquidation of some of the top commanders of ISIS in Syria's southern region, the terrorists were receiving state-of-the-art support, weapons, training, and even protection from the illegal US army base in the Syrian nearby Al Tanf area. The liquidated terrorists include the ISIS 'prince', his top military commander, and some of their deputies.

In September 2019, and soon after former US President Trump announced he will withdraw his troops from Syria, the Pentagon vowed to unleash ISIS again, and so they did and they also convinced the puppet Trump to beef up his forces in the country instead of withdrawing them as he promised his voters who elected him to the job.

If you believe that the US army is in Syria to 'combat ISIS' as they claim, contact me in private, I would like to offer you an acre of land on planet Mars, it's accessible after 90 years.

More in this report: Syrian Security Eliminate 7 US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists in Daraa.

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