Sunday, September 4, 2022

Syrian Technicians Restored Electricity Station Destroyed by the Turkish Army

Syrian technicians managed in a record time to restore the Tal Tamr electric power station in the western countryside of Hasakah province in the northeast of Syria after the Turkish army and its proxy terrorist groups damaged the station by artillery bombing the day earlier.

Tal Tamr Power Station Damaged by the Turkish Army is Restored

The Tal Tamr station feeds electric supplies to hundreds of thousands of people in the region and more importantly, it feeds the main water pumping stations providing fresh water for the entire western Hasakah region.

Tal Tamr station has been destroyed numerous times before, just like the Alouk water station in the same region, even ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) did not destroy either of these stations but NATO's second-largest army, the Turkish army did, let that sink in.

It won't be the last time the Syrian technicians will be fixing the Tal Tamr station and other infrastructure in northern Syria, the country's infrastructure is systematically targeted by the various members of the US camp including and not limited to: the US army, UK MI6 agents, Israel, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and its affiliated Maghawir Thawra, Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, the Turkish army and the plethora of terrorist variants of Al Qaeda sponsored by it.

All those powers want to Israelize northern Syria, uproot its people, replace them with imported non-related people from other countries, establish a number of cantons that would be in constant fighting with each other and all dominated by NATO under its US leadership, take Libya as an example, or Afghanistan, or Somalia, or anywhere visited by the nation-building [sic] NATO 'defensive' block.

More about Tal Tamr power station in this report: Tal Tamr Power Station Damaged by the Turkish Army is Restored.

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