Sunday, September 4, 2022

Illegal US Military Base in Syrian Oil Field Bombed

The illegal US military base in the Syrian Al Omar oil field was bombed late yesterday evening, multiple local sources confirmed, the bombing unofficially attributed to Syrian Resistance units, comes as a retaliation to the Israeli bombing of the runways at Aleppo International Airport a day earlier.

Illegal US Military Base in Syrian Oil Field Bombed

USCENTCOM commanding the US war crimes in the Levant kept mute on the attack on one of its bases, this suggests that they believe there is no footage filmed of the three explosions or the aftermath and they can manage to keep the story suppressed for the time being.

The fumes of smoke from the explosions were seen rising out of the military facilities of the Biden forces next to the main oil wells in the Al Omar field.

The US Army steals up to 66,000 barrels of Syrian oil every day from the oil fields they control with the help of their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in northern Syria. The oil is smuggled to nearby Iraq and then vanishes. Reports vary about its destination, some reports say the oil heads at the end to Israel via Turkey, and some of the oil is given to ISIS in Iraq.

Syrian resistance are setting the rules of engagement with the US oil thieves, every time Israel carries out a bombing in Syria, the US forces will get bombed.

More about yesterday's bombing of the US army in the Syrian Al Omar oil field in this report: Syrian Resistance Bomb Biden Forces Stealing Oil in Al Omar Field.

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