Thursday, August 25, 2022

US Army Stealing Syrian Oil Getting Bombed

US Army occupying Syrian oil and gas fields are engaged in a bombing frenzy with resistance groups, the US CENTCOM finally admitted they were bombed in Al Tanf area on the southern Syrian joint borders with Iraq and Jordan, they claimed they bombed a pro-Iranian militia only to get bombed back then to bomb those who bombed them and to get bombed again.

US Army Bombs a Site in Syria Gets Bombed Back within 24 Hours

All in the name of stealing Syrian oil, sorry, to spread democracy to the oil fields in Syria and the oil in them.

On the 15th of August, the illegal US army base in Al Tanf was bombed by an unidentified group, this was punishing the US forces for acting as a conduit for an Israeli bombing of Syria, a statement by the so-called USCENTCOM admitted they got bombed after days of being mute.

Days later, the US army claims they bombed those who bombed them in Al Tanf and alleged it was a pro-Iranian militia they targeted.

Iran denied any of its 'pro-militia' was attacked in Syria, we tend to believe Iran and not the USA, one of them has the tendency for lying, the other one is Iran.

Within 24 hours, the US army occupying Syria's largest oil and gas fields, Al Omar oil field and Conoco gas field in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside were hammered by rockets and missiles, the US says their Rambos were not harmed, if you believe them.

Soon after, the US claims they bombed those who bombed them only to get bombed again and don't forget, it's all for the oil, not the oil the US buys, it's the oil they steal.

Further details in this report: US Army Bombs a Site in Syria Gets Bombed Back within 24 Hours.

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