Thursday, August 25, 2022

Iranian Officer Protecting Religious Shrines Killed in Syria

Fars News, believed to be an online publication by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps better known as the IRGC, said that one of the IRGC officers was killed in Syria while performing the duty of protecting sacred shrines.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Officer Killed in Syria

The IRGC outlet did not specify which shrine in which city where the officer was killed, how he was killed, and who was behind the killing, Syria has numerous shrines and religious sites sacred by almost every sect of the main three divinely religions in addition to worshiping and holy places for many other religious dominions not of the three main divinely ones.

Shiites (Shias) in particular place a high importance of sacredness on some of the shrines in Syria, some of which do hold the remains of some of the family members of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and of his close companions.

In the early months of the US-led war on Syria dubbed the Arab Spring - Syria chapter, it was obvious that the NATO-sponsored 'freedom fighters' were targeting religious sites in Syria to stir civil and religious war, something the likes of Kissinger were dreaming of for decades, the Syrian armed forces and Syrian security were fighting constantly on over 40 fronts all over the country and the Iranian IRGC along with the Lebanese Hezb Allah Islamic resistance party dispatched hundreds of their troops to guard the shrines the Shia believe are sacred.

The above can also prove that those invaders, the NATO-sponsored 'Jihadists' had nothing to do with Islam, they were the real enemies of Islam calling themselves Muslim Jihadis to fool the ignorant fools of the west to make them hate Islam and as mentioned above to instigate the religious and sectarian war, the worse of wars mankind has known throughout history after civil wars are religious wars.

More about the killing of the IRGC officer and about the attacks on religious sites in this report: Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Officer Killed in Syria.

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