Friday, August 26, 2022

US Protectorate Israel Bombs Two Sites in Syria

To complete the circle of terrorism, Israel carried out a new aggression against Syria while the Syrian army and its allies are still heavily engaged in fighting terrorism including Al Qaeda, its offshoot ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), and the plethora of terrorist groups working under the protection of NATO's largest and second-largest armies, the US and Turkish armies.

The US oil thieves bomb sites of what they claim are pro-Iranian militias, get bombed by the Syrian Resistance, bomb again only to get bombed yet again and then Israel shows up.

14 people were injured from the Israeli bombing of the outskirts of Masyaf in Hama countryside, and Tartous on the Syrian coast yesterday, an unprovoked attack, as Israel's very presence is unprovoked. The Israelis are feeling their role is no longer needed especially after the latest signs of approaching the signing of the Iranian nuclear deal for the second time.

Israel also failed to prove it can act as an asset for its sponsors after the consecutive humiliating defeats with the latest against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ faction in the besieged Gaza strip.

Trying to instigate a regional war, the Israelis are betting their last luck on the remaining US forces in West Asia before the US inevitable withdrawal from the region and Israel runs out of cannon fodders to fight for it and protect it.

More about yesterday's bombing in this report: Israel Bombs Masyaf and Tartous avenging the Bombing of Al Qaeda.

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