Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Biden Junta Abusing the Suffering of Thousands of Refugees to Blackmail Syria

There are thousands of refugees, more accurately 'displaced' Syrians held captive in US-run concentration camps in Syria, we have reported on the one run by the US army and its proxy, the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists to the south of Hasakah city in the northeast of Syria, the Al Hol camp which turned into an ISIS (ISIL) breeding farm, and this is about Rukban concentration camp in the depth of the southeastern Syrian desert in Al Tanf region run by no other than an ISIS affiliate under the supervision of the US army.

It is the same USA that used the combating terrorism slogan over the past few decades as their pretext to invade and destroy countries across the planet, starting with Afghanistan and Iraq and then went after a host of other countries, who in the west would have thought to reach a day where the US Army would be arming and training Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoots to oppress innocent civilians? Don't take my words for that, the US Army itself has issued many statements confirming the same but only playing with the words.

The Rukban camp holds 1,400 families comprising around 10,000 innocent civilians packed with the families of ISIS terrorists in a non-habitual desert area with a group of heavily armed US army-trained ISIS affiliates called Maghawir Thawra, or Revolution Vanguards or whatever.

Biden's 'most inclusive and diverse' junta continues to use the suffering of these people to pressure the Syrian state into concessions while demonizing the Syrian state for not taking care of its people at the same time imposing the most inhuman blockade on the country and stealing its wheat, oil, and depriving it access to its gas fields, how about that for humanitarian intervention?!

More in this report: Biden Abusing Thousands of Refugees in Rukban to Blackmail Syria.

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The Biden Junta Abusing the Suffering of Thousands of Refugees to Blackmail Syria

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