Tuesday, August 9, 2022

How Did Israel Lose its Latest War on Gaza!

The Israeli politicians and much of their Hasbara propaganda machines are working overtime to sell the latest Israeli aggression against the besieged Gaza strip as a victory, every other indication and the reality on the ground proves it was a complete defeat to the Israelis except, maybe, for the killing of two senior commanders in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad PIJ faction in Gaza.

How Did Israel Lose its Latest War on Gaza!

After their sudden gains in the 1967 war, the Israelis suffered defeat time and again, a look at the map is enough to prove how the land they grabbed in the 1967 war has shrunk dramatically, they did win in their aggression against Lebanon in 1978 and 1982 but at massive costs and finally were defeated and forced to withdraw in the year 2000 from 99% of Lebanon. followed by another retreat from the Gaza strip in 2005.

In every subsequent war post the 1967's, the Israelis were facing a smaller foe, they fought Syria, Jordan, and Egypt in 1967, then it was only Syria and to some extent Egypt in 1973, then it was the Lebanese Hezb Allah and some groups of Palestinian and Lebanese factions up to 2005, then they were defeated in a very humiliating way against Hezb Allah alone in the 34 days war they waged against Lebanon in 2006 to the extent they literally begged Qatar to mediate a ceasefire, and that was when Hezb Allah had around 3000 fighters only.

Then later they failed each time they attacked Gaza facing the collective of Palestinian factions in the besieged strip, and in May of last year they tried their luck with the military wing of Hamas and Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza and were again defeated miserably, and now in three days, they received another defeat this time single-handedly by the PIJ.

Everything the Israelis and their media supporters are trying to sell as a victory is proven otherwise on the ground, some of their own media are now questioning what were the gains from their aggression on Gaza other than committing one massacre after the other leaving 44 Palestinians killed including 15 children and 4 women one of who was 80 years old and wounding hundreds of civilians, that is an achievement in the Israeli's brains, the massacres, they killed two commanders of the PIJ in their attacks and those were immediately replaced and Israel received 580 missiles in retaliation.

In my latest post on Syria News, I detailed further what happened and who is the clear victor in this war: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Singlehandedly Defeated Israel in Gaza.

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