Monday, August 8, 2022

The Syrian Grains Ship the Ukrainians Lied about Arrived at Tartous

The Syrian ship Laodicea carrying 10 thousand tonnes of grains finally reached its destination in the Syrian port of Tartous yesterday and started unloading its cargo, the ship was held temporarily in Lebanon because of false accusations by the Ukrainian ambassador there that it was carrying grains stolen from Ukraine, allegations proved after investigations to be false.

The Syrian people are facing shortages in wheat, their main food staple as their own wheat and other grains are systematically stolen by the US occupation forces with the help of their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, earlier with the help of their ISIS and Al Qaeda proxy terrorists. Lebanon, mostly dependent on imported grains are also suffering severe shortages, and what does Ukraine do in the meantime? Block the delivery of grains arriving to both countries by false allegations.

A week ago, the Laodicea arrived at the Lebanese port of Tripoli, and instead of starting to unload half of its cargo destined for Lebanon before heading north to the nearby Syrian port of Tartous to deliver the other half, it was seized by a Lebanese judicial order pending investigations about the origins of the grains it's carrying.

Apparently, the Ukrainian ambassador to Lebanon made a media PR stunt as well as filed an urgent law case against the ship and its cargo asking the Lebanese authorities to seize both claiming the grains were stolen from Ukrainian stores with the help of Russia.

The owners of the ship, the Syrian Maritime Authority refuted the claims and presented the necessary documents to the authorities but it was already a weekend, upon resuming working days yesterday, the Lebanese judge looking into the matter ordered the Ukrainian ambassador, the plaintiff, to present documents proving his claims within 2 days, naturally, the ambassador of the Zelensky regime failed to produce any documents and the ship was allowed to unload the part of the cargo destined for Lebanon and headed north to Syria.

The Ukrainians gained a PR stunt to demonize Syria and Russia by accusing them of stealing their grains, we know that western media will only report this part of the story, they did lose the case but what they achieved besides the PR stunt to demonize the two accused, the Ukrainians managed to add to the suffering of the Lebanese and Syrians by delaying a much-needed cargo of grains.

Those are the same party who was crying with their western sponsors of a fake famine worldwide accusing Russia of blocking their exports of grains while they're the ones who mined their ports out of fear of Russian sea invasion and they're the ones blocking the delivery of the grains that were coming from Russian territories.

If there were still a few people in the Levant sympathizing with Ukraine, now they lost those completely.

More in this report: Ukrainian Ambassador Lied about the Syrian Grains Ship Laodicea.

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The Syrian Grains Ship the Ukrainians Lied about Arrived at Tartous

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