Thursday, August 11, 2022

ISIS 'Emir' in Southern Syria Blew Himself Up in Daraa Countryside

A so-called Emir (Prince) of ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) blew himself up when trapped in a house on the outskirts of a town in Daraa countryside, in southern Syria, he's dead, he killed with him a civilian, a commander of another terrorist group, and his bodyguard, multiple sources reporting the story differently with the same results.

ISIS Emir in Daraa Blows Himself Up in Clashes with Other Terrorists

Abu Salim Al Iraqi, from Iraq, was appointed the Emir of the southern region of Syria after feeling southern Damascus, namely the Palestinian Yarmouk camp, a large southern suburb of the Syrian capital, he smuggled into there with his terrorists with the help of no other than the Muslim Brotherhood Hama controlling Gaza, because you know, liberating Palestine from the Israeli settlers should be the last thing to do after destroying all of Israel's enemies as per the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood agenda, which the Turkish madman Erdogan is their political leader.

One of the reports claimed the terrorist and those with him clashed with another terrorist group, both his ISIS group and the other group operating under the protection of the illegal US army base in the Al Tanf region, he stormed into the house where he was cornered and then detonated his suicide vest with the afore-mentioned people present.

Another report by Syrian media is that he fled a pursue by a Syrian security unit chasing him from the town of Tafas in northern Daraa countryside until he reached that house and then he detonated his vest with his group and that civilian, the Syrian media are saying the civilian sustained severe wounds but is still alive and being treated in a hospital.

Either way, the terrorist is dead, his group is dismantled and disoriented and it's another blow to the CIA operating out of that illegal US army base in Al Tanf until they can find another terrorist who the remnants of ISIS will accept to be their emir.

In my report for Syria News, I took the first narration of the story because it was released a day before the official narrative, the time of my post: ISIS Emir in Daraa Blows Himself Up in Clashes with Other Terrorists.

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