Saturday, July 23, 2022

Turkish Madman Erdogan in Tehran Summit Doesn't Know Why?

Not only he's not sure why he joined the summit with the Russian and Iranian presidents in Tehran, but the Turkish madman Erdogan also signed the summit's statement and treaties and reversed course while still on the plane heading back to his country!

The Tripartite Summit in Tehran… Nothing New but “Israel”

It's not the first time the Turkish Ottoman sultan wannabe vows to do something and does the opposite completely, he thinks it's pragmatism; those he's dealing with believe it's sinister hypocrisy that always leads to deaths, destruction, and edging toward wars.

A summit was planned in Tehran, Iran for a while to discuss the stalled process of the Astana agreements regarding Syria, the summit includes the three guarantors of the Astana agreements, Russia and Iran for Syria, and Turkey for itself and on behalf of the tens of thousands of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliated terrorists in Syria loyal to Turkey.

Due to the decisive victories of the Russian army in the Ukrainian war, the economic disaster the European Union, UK, and the USA pushed themselves into by trying to break the Russian economy, and the further weakening of the US's position in the region and around the globe, it's time for the Turkish madman Erdogan to flip-flop again, as he always does toward the stronger parties, he accepted to join the summit to push for the final settlement of the war of terror waged by the USA and its cronies against Syria with Turkey being its main platform.

However, being Erdogan, he couldn't but backstab, walk back, overturn, and carry on with his own agenda opposite to whatever agreements he reaches with the Russian President Putin and the Iranian President Raisi, he has a plan to occupy up to 9% of Syria and settle on this land his fanatics and their families after uprooting the Syrians from their villages and towns there, his plan is facing two obstacles: the Syrian army moved north to stop it, and the Kurds have a similar plan of their own to do the exact same thing, to Israelize northern Syria.

A breakthrough was needed, so thought the sane people in the room so they invited Erdogan, again, to explain to him that his plans will start a war and that Iran and Russia will not be on his side rather they'll both be on Syria's side. He agreed, or so it seemed from his signing on the statement of the summit which includes preserving Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, condemning attacks on civilians and infrastructure, and condemning the Israeli bombing! Erdogan forgot that it's his armies, the Turkish army and the plethora of Al Qaeda terrorists, who are the ones doing exactly what he is condemning!!

As soon as he left the summit, he told the journalist on his plane that he is carrying on with his plan to Israelize northern Syria!

If you're confused, Husni Mahali will help you understand. Mr. Mahali is a Turkish career journalist, a former personal friend of Erdogan who was jailed by Erdogan for being his friend, and who's following the Turkish involvement in the US-led war on Syria. I've translated Mr. Mahali's latest article in regard to the Tehran Summit: The Tripartite Summit in Tehran… Nothing New but “Israel”.

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