Sunday, July 24, 2022

Syrian Army Confronts a US Army Convoy in Northeastern Syria

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) checkpoint confronts a convoy of the US army and their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists near a small village in the northeastern region of Syria yesterday forcing the convoy to retreat.

Syrian Army Confronts US Army Oil Thieves in Southern Qamishli

Local sources in the province of Hasakah said the incident took place near the Tal Dhahab village to the southeast of the city of Qamishli in the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah, the sources quoted by the Syrian state news agency Sana that the US column comprised 5 armored vehicles and were accompanied by a pick-up vehicle of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

No armed confrontation occurred as the Syrian Army unit was determined to block the road and force the enemies to return from where they came from.

The US forces are illegally operating in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government, in fact, the Syrian government calls them as occupation forces, and they're even operating without consent from their own-controlled United Nations Security Council. Their proxy terrorists of the Kurdish SDF and the plethora of Al Qaeda-affiliated groups including ISIS (ISIL) are also outlawed and targeted by the Syrian army and their allies.

There are also no benefits for the US citizens and especially the taxpayers footing the heavy bill for the operations carried out by their army on the other side of the planet in Syria, the quantities of Syrian oil stolen by these forces, wheat, and other riches, are tiny drops in what the US receives from its satellite regimes like the Gulfies and Ukraine and without a sweat, the only reason they do so in Syria is to punish the Syrian people for not accepting to be slaves in the US fading empire like the rest who accept that fate.

More in this report: Syrian Army Confronts US Army Oil Thieves in Southern Qamishli.

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