Friday, July 29, 2022

Turkish Erdogan Deceived Russian and Iranian Counterparts in Syria, Again!

The Turkish madman Erdogan has no limits to his criminal, hypocritical, flip-flopping, very reckless, and highly risky political, military, economic, and social moves, playing on all lines together when leading a country of 90 million people that is heading nose-dive down toward the abyss while betting against everybody else is what will be remembered of Turkey if he's not stopped.

Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel revealed worrying information coming on the heels of the latest killing of Turkish soldiers in northern Aleppo countryside in northern Syria, in case you're not following: it's within Syria's territories.

The report by Reda Al-Basha, the reporter for the Lebanese news channel reveals that the Turkish madman Erdogan betrayed the trust of his Russian and Iranian counterparts, breached, for the umpteen time, an international treaty he signed with them, and built 115 military bases on Syrian territories whereas the treaty allowed less than 10 observation points only, not to be armed with weapons, let alone heavy weapons, let alone aiding Al Qaeda terrorists who Erdogan also obliged his country to disarm and instead he has beefed them up in northern Syria.

Responding to artillery and missile shelling coming from the Turkish supposed to be observation posts turned into military bases, the Syrian Army and the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists killed and injured many Turkish soldiers; the increase in the number of those Turkish soldiers sacrificed by Erdogan revealed the role the Turkish posts are playing in northern Syria.

More on the topic, in addition to the above video report and links to other platforms it was posted to in this report: Turkish Madman Erdogan Built 115 Military Bases in Northern Syria.

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Turkish Madman Erdogan Built 115 Military Bases in Northern Syria

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