Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Two More Turkish Soldiers Killed in Syria for Erdogan's Imaginary Caliphate

The Turkish war ministry admitted that two of its soldiers were killed in northern Syria yesterday, the ministry's statement gave some light details about the circumstances of the death of the soldiers sacrificed by the madman Erdogan's dream of becoming the neo-Ottoman caliphate.

Madman Erdogan Kills Two More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Syria

A 'terrorist' shelling by artillery against the base in Kiljabreen resulted in the death of the two soldiers, the Turkish war ministry statement claimed, it did not mention that the said base was illegally established on Syrian soil and though shelling was by what it called 'terrorists' it didn't tell its people that these terrorists, the Kurdish separatist SDF terrorists, are sponsored by the same NATO that Turkey is its second-largest member of.

For the Syrians, this is another episode of fratricide between NATO factions on Syrian soil in blatant breach of Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity, something the 'defensive alliance' is bankrupting its member states in Europe to secure for Ukraine while violating that of basically most of the world, Syria for the past 11.5 years.

The Turkish people will continue to support their lunatic rabid Erdogan as long as he's selling them words and sacrificing their sons in wars they have no reason to be in, the Adana Accord signed between Syria and Turkey in 1998 secured Turkish borders from the south until Erdogan decided to become the neo-Ottoman caliph or sultan, no clue what he's feeding on or maybe consuming stuff like his friend whose country is being chewed up piece by piece but he continues to vow to march on the Kremlin.

More in this report including an interactive map, links to some previous killings of Turkish soldiers in Syria and Iraq one of which was the 37 Turkish soldiers killed by the Syrian Army in Idlib, in Syria: Madman Erdogan Kills Two More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Syria.

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