Saturday, July 30, 2022

Ukraine Contributing to a Lebanese Looming Famine

A ship carrying wheat and barley docked at the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli, the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut claimed it's stolen Ukrainian grains, the Lebanese spineless authorities halted the offloading of the long-awaited ship and seized its cargo pending investigations while there's literally no bread in the country's bakeries.

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Stealing Grains that Reached Lebanon

Nothing much here to see, just two countries with US puppet regimes harming their people to please their masters in Washington.

The Ukrainians are working within the US agenda which in reality is the Israeli agenda to harm the Lebanese people to force them into a peace agreement with Israel giving the anti-Jewish Zionist entity part of their land, water, and other resources, forgiving Israel for its years of wars and war crimes, and the latest is pushing the Lebanese to give a large area of their sea with massive gas deposits beneath it to Israel.

Simultaneously, the Ukrainians under the US instructions continue their policy of demonizing both Russia and Syria because the ship in question is owned by a Syrian entity.

The Lebanese judicial system, just like most of the Lebanese state apparatuses is tightly held by the USA through puppets whose personal interests are of importance to them more than their own country's interests, either by threatening them with sanctions or by intimidating them with one thing or another, there were times when the US ambassador removed a Lebanese judge from his post, released Israeli spies from prison, and even keeps the Lebanese Central Bank governor in his place despite a slew of criminal cases filed against him in a number of European countries over money laundering and graft accusations and in his own country where a prosecuting judge could not call him for investigation over a long list of allegations that led to the deterioration of the country's economy.

The seized ship with its cargo did not leave a Ukrainian port as Ukraine's embassy claims, it did not carry stolen Ukrainian grains as the Russian side insists, and it was cleared by the Turkish regime who's closer to Ukraine than Russia. It was not discussed by the newly opened center in Turkey with Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the UN monitoring the exports of Ukrainian grains is based.

More in this report: Ukraine Accuses Russia of Stealing Grains that Reached Lebanon.

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