Monday, July 4, 2022

The Largest Concentration Camp to Breed ISIS Terrorists in Northern Syria!

For years, the Syrian people have been facing the worst hardship any people would face, it's not an invasion from the outside by another army of another country that has some kind of civilization, it's the invasion of terrorists outnumbering the number of the entirety of the Syrian army pouring in from all the borders from neighboring countries, heavily armed and motivated not only to kill but to commit the most heinous types of crimes ever imagined.

Reports of multiple sources put the fighting number of terrorists inside Syria at any given time in the past decade at around 120,000, the vast majority of who are foreign terrorists coming from as far as China and Australia in the east to Canada and even Chili in the far Americas. The total number of anti-Islamic Wahhabi (Saudi ruling family's religion) and Muslim Brotherhood (the doctrine followed by Erdogan and his ilk) terrorists in Syria reached 350,000.

Many of those terrorists were shipped into Syria with their families, at first harbored in neighboring countries, mainly Turkey in the north and Jordan in the south, and over the years they continued breeding.

The children of those terrorists, boys and to some extent girls, were trained to be the so-called 'Cubs of the Caliphate', an imaginary resuscitating of the Islamic empire but with a NATO-created doctrine controlled by the CIA and MI6 instead of the mainstream Islamic clerics who were the main targets of those terrorists.

Cubs of the Caliphate are growing up, many in the towns and villages occupied by the terrorists and under the protection of both NATO's 1st and 2nd strongest armies: the US, and Turkish armies, and thousands more are kept in concentration camps, one of the largest of which is the Al-Hol Concentration Camp supposedly for Syrian refugees uprooted from their towns fleeing the terrorists who found themselves living side by side with the families of those terrorists.

The Al-Hol camp is run by the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists with the help of the CIA, the British MI6, and the US army illegally deployed in Syria.

More about the camp, the ticking bomb camp that turned into a breeding farm for ISIS terrorists in this report: Al Hol Concentration Camp for Breeding ISIS, CIA, and Kurdish SDF Project.

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