Sunday, July 3, 2022

Syrian Security Seizes Thousands of Captagon Pills Disrupting a CIA Operation

Syrian law enforcement stopped a truck on the Damascus - Daraa highway heading to Jordan, they had their suspicions about it and their suspicions turned right, the truck was smuggling a large shipment of Captagon pills to Jordan.

Syrian Security Seizes Thousands of Captagon Pills Heading to Jordan

Source in the law enforcement said that over ten thousand of the hallucinating stimulating pills were stashed in an additional fuel tank on the truck.

The shipment was seized, the smugglers were arrested and sent to the prosecutor's office for trial and another blow to one of the core businesses of the CIA was disrupted in Syria, we've previously reported about dozens of such security operations seizing millions of these pills since the US-led war of terror was waged against Syria in early 2011.

Captagon pills are used by the 'Moderate Rebels' of Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL), FSA, and all their variations, offshoots, and affiliated groups to stimulate the fighters in order to enable them to fight constantly, fiercely, committing horrible crimes with no remorse until they collapse.

Captagon pills are also a source of high income for the terrorists as they have a major market in Saudi Arabia via Jordan, some members of the Al Saud ruling family are very much into this business and one of the princes was dubbed the Prince of Captagon when his private jet was stopped at Beirut Airport loaded with 5 tons of the substance, even the BBC reported it at the time. (see in the linked report below)

Western mainstream media on numerous occasions tried to accuse the Syrian authorities of producing and smuggling Captagon pills but failed to produce any evidence, all the evidence points in the opposite direction especially since Syria applies capital punishment (death) to drug smugglers, including lighter substances, it has successfully confiscated millions of pills, arrested dozens of smugglers and tried them, and all the shipments originate from areas under the control of the US-sponsored freedom fighters and mostly heading to the Saudi Arabia, the US major ally in the region!

More in this report: Syrian Security Seizes Thousands of Captagon Pills Heading to Jordan.

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