Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Imagine You're Living in this Village and the Western World is Supporting these Creatures

The small village of Dar Al Kabera in southern Idlib was cleaned from Western-sponsored 'freedom fighters', it remains within the range of the missiles provided to these fighters from their western sponsors, it has been indiscriminately bombed and there's no word of condemnation for these atrocities, it's not even mentioned in the western news despite the western citizens are paying from their hard-earned tax dollars for those weapons, ammo, and all needed logistics.

The above video was filmed by the terrorists themselves, it was shared by one of them on his Twitter account, they claim they were bombing a gathering of the Russian and Syrian army forces in the village, what you see is a typical lie that social media is colluding with these terrorists as much as the western mainstream media is.

There has been an escalation in these attacks by the terrorists sponsored by NATO, Turkey, USA, European Union countries, the UK, Canada, and a host of other countries, not to mention the support they get from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel.

The Turkish madman Erdogan is trying through these terrorists to exert pressure on Russia in Syria as his approval ratings within Turkey are dipping due to many of his mafia business engagements and the military adventures all across the region he dragged his country into.

If you consider yourself a sane person, just imagine one of those houses in that village is yours and your family are living in it and the world is on their side.

More in this report: Al Qaeda Terrorists Indiscriminate Bombing of liberated Villages in Idlib.

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