Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Russian Army General Who Fought ISIS in Syria is Leading in the Donbas

During his visit to the Donbas to inspect the troops, the Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu was briefed by the military command about the military operations, a name of one of the generals who attended the meeting stood out, and caused dismay in Washington, he is Rustam Muradov.

Veteran Russian General in Syria Leading Combat Group in Ukraine

The Russian ministry of defense statement about the minister's visit to the Donbas to oversee the operations, award the top generals their earned medals of 'Hero of Russia' as instructed by the Russian president, and give instructions to further secure the region from Ukrainian indiscriminate shelling, the statement was supposed to be an ordinary one that included the names of the top commanders who attended the meeting, a particular US official was alarmed.

Jake Sullivan, the Biden junta's national security advisor seemed to be very upset at the mention of General Rustam Muradov leading a combat unit in eastern Ukraine, he went out of his way to accuse the Russian veteran general of committing war crimes, imagine a US official has the audacity of accusing others of committing war crimes!

General Muradov spent some time serving in the region of Deir Ezzor in northeast Syria combating ISIS (ISIL), the precious US proxy terrorist group operating now around the globe but originated in Iraq under the US supervision and then spread into Syria.

Could it be General Muardov's experience in combating US proxy terrorist groups that alarmed the US national security advisor? And which one, the one who fabricated Trump's Russian collusion hoax to distance the US further from Russia betting on Trump's naivety who, instead of confronting the accusers played to their hands and went tough on Russia causing the issues leading to today's enmity instead of achieving peace.

More in this report: Veteran Russian General in Syria Leading Combat Group in Ukraine.

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