Friday, June 10, 2022

Israel Commits a New Flagrant War Crime Bombing Damascus International Airport

Israel has no lows when it comes to its war crimes, its latest was attacking Syria's largest operational commercial airport, Damascus International Airport, at dawn while flights were coming in and scheduled to leave.

Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport (DAM) Main Runway at Dawn

The bombing of the airport from over the occupied Syrian Golan with missiles damaged the airport's main runway, and the authorities had to suspend operations in the airport until further notice.

You won't hear about this new Israeli war crime in western mainstream media as the main headline and you won't hear of calls to condemn it by western hypocrite humanitarians and international bodies, they are all accomplices in all war crimes committed by Israel and its sponsors, those same western hypocrites.

This bombing comes just 4 days after a similar bombing to the same airport which hit a warehouse in its cargo building, no excuses can justify these repeated attacks except that Israel is trying its best to start a regional war for multiple reasons I've mentioned before.

Israel has not spared any of Syria's civilian infrastructure in its attacks with the help and coordination of its main sponsor and protector, the USA, and its proxies the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan and his Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists, these attacks include bombing Syria's main seaport, the Lattakia Seaport, and the country's water dams.

Details of today's early morning hours of the Israeli war crime and some of the reasons and how Israel is capable of carrying out its war crimes with impunity in my report for Syria News: Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport (DAM) Main Runway at Dawn.

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