Saturday, June 11, 2022

Syrian President Banned Interview in the 'Free World'

Syrian President Bashar Assad in an exclusive interview with Russia Today RT talked about the Russian special military operation in Ukraine and why Syria supports Russia in it, the Israeli war crimes against Syria, US-led NATO accomplices, food shortages, and the threats of the Turkish madman Erdogan against the Syrian people in northern Syria and Syria's response to it.

Assad described the US petrodollar as outright theft, not only a scam, because the USA, in his view, is printing worthless paper and exchanging it with goods and services that cost real money produced by the rest of the world.


RT is banned in the 'Free World' or so they call themselves where nothing good is free not even the right to simply watch the news, the only things freely available in that 'free world' are those that go against the 10 Commandments, don't act like you're shocked.

The 'collective west' is imposing the same sanctions on Russia now that they have already imposed on a large number of countries, Syria got the worse of them ever since 1956 and continuing, not because of anything, except because of Syria's refusal to accept the apartheid regime dubbed as Israel in our region. As the matter of fact, all the western (NATO and allies) wars in our region are for Israel, otherwise, the west would have had amazing prosperous relations with the countries of the regions if it wasn't for their support for the war criminals of Israel on the account of the people of the Levant and the rest of the world.

The full transcript of the interview in English can be read in this post: President Bashar Assad’s Interview with RT (Banned in the ‘Free World’).

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