Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Russian Army Blocks Erdogan and his Al Qaeda Terrorists in Northern Syria

An incursion of the Turkish army and its affiliated slew of Al Qaeda terrorists was blocked by an increased presence of Russian military units in a strategic Syrian city on the borders with Turkey.

Tensions are at their height as the Turkish madman Erdogan continues his threats of a military operation in northern Syria to Israelize a 30 kilometers depth 900 kilometers long area within Syria to settle a million of his loyal Al Qaeda terrorists and their families he managed to import from all over the world, mainly from Central Asian countries with populations speaking Turkic languages and from the far east, replacing the Syrian people living in that area with these radicals, hence the use of 'Israelize' as a description.

Herds of Al Qaeda terrorists of the Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant aka HTS among other names) backed by the Turkish army, NATO's second-largest army, escalated their shelling of the towns and villages in northern Syria to force the indigenous people to flee their homes and farmlands, one of those targeted areas is the Syrian city of Ayn Arab at the borders with Turkey.

Russia, being one of the two guarantors of the Idlib agreement which was the outcome of the Astana talks, deployed further troops to Ayn Arab and ran aerial and land patrols sending a clear message to the Turkish pariah and phony caliph Erdogan that he's crossing his limits.

More in this report: Russian Military Interrupts Erdogan’s Terrorism in Raqqa, Northern Syria.

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