Thursday, January 13, 2022

Turkish Madman Erdogan Kills 3 More of the Turkish Soldiers in Northern Syria

The Turkish madman and neo-Ottoman sultan wannabe Erdogan knows very well that the Turkish army is not prepared for war, it has not won any war in hundreds of years and will be losing many of its soldiers when he sends them to Syria, yet he continues to send them only to protect and support his other forces, the ones more loyal to him and those who follow his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood cult, the Al Qaeda Levant and all its derivatives including ISIS.

Erdogan Kills 3 More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Raqqa Province, Syria

In the above context, dozens of Turkish soldiers have been killed either by the Syrian army like when 37 Turkish soldiers were killed when the Syrian army shelled a command center of Al Qaeda in northern Idlib not knowing that the quarters of Al Qaeda were guarded by the Turkish army, or by the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, another NATO proxy group set up for no good in northern Syria.

Earlier this week, Erdogan's ministry of war mourned 3 Turkish soldiers killed in the Syrian city of Tal Abyad inside the northern countryside of the Syrian province of Raqqa.

The Turkish soldiers were targeted by a roadside bomb, as per some sources from the region, and a state of chaos and high alert of troops ensued.

Had these troops and the previous ones remained in their country, Turkey, defending it from foreign invasion instead of acting as invaders of Syria and entering illegally into Syrian territories, aiding Al Qaeda terrorists, they would have been spared and their families would have not had to mourn them, the same applies to the US troops also illegally deployed in a number of bases in Syria mostly in the north and a large base in the Al Tanf area the depth of the Syrian desert at the border conjunction with both Jordan and Iraq.

More in this report: Erdogan Kills 3 More Turkish Soldiers in Northern Raqqa Province, Syria.

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