Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The Syrian and Russian Responses to the Israeli Bombing of Latakia Port

Syria has been fighting to defend itself from a NATO aggression disguised at first as a colored revolution but the culprits were in such a hurry they instantly revealed their real nature and engaged in massacres, just like what we saw last week in Kazakhstan (Kazakistan), however, in Syria, all of NATO member states, their Gulfies proxies with their very deep pockets, and all their regional and far way stooges especially Israel have been working on overdrive to destroy Syria when they couldn't overthrow its legitimate government.

Syrian Response or Russian Escalation against “Israel”?

And Israel is the one who has the most to lose in the case of Syria's victory over the world's 'largest army of terrorists' formed mainly of ISIS, Al Qaeda with its different names, mercenaries, and contracts coming from all corners of the planet, the total of suicide bombers alone forming the backbone of this army exceeded 350,000 members, the Syrians managed to kill almost half of them, and that was at a very high cost, especially the human cost Syria paid of its people.

Israel is not happy with the defeat of its proxy terrorists and their sponsors therefore, whenever the terrorists are hammered by the Syrian and later joined the Russian air forces, Israel carries out a show off air raid, when the terrorists needed further support, NATO came in and bombed Syria twice, but that was futile as well for them.

The latest of Israeli bombings was a couple of days before last year's end, it was a dangerous escalation bombing the Syrian main commercial Port of Latakia on the Mediterranean, the Israeli bombing coming from across the Mediterranean targeted the containers yard destroying mostly food and fuel containers that some estimates put the losses at 350 million US dollars.

In the bombing of Latakia commercial port, Israel has crossed a red line, in its continuous aggression in the region, and by committing yet another war crime, it is a war crime to bomb commercial ports, it also justifies a Syrian retaliation against any or all Israeli commercial ports under the international law of the principle of reciprocal response, then we will also hear all the international condemnation for the justified retaliation as now the silence of the self-proclaimed international community is deafening, talking about double standards.

The bombing of Latakia Port will get a retaliation in kind if not more intense, make no mistake of that, what's holding back Syria from instant retaliations thus far, and what would be the Russian response to using its airplanes once again by Israel as human shields to fire their missiles from behind it against Syria, are explained in this latest post by Nasser Kandil, a Lebanese former MP and a top political and strategical analytic: Syrian Response or Russian Escalation against “Israel”?

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