Friday, January 14, 2022

If the USA is Fighting ISIS in Syria, Why It's Training and Arming its Affiliate Group?!

An ISIS-affiliated terrorist group operating in the southeastern desert region of Syria is being funded, armed, and protected by the armed forces of the United States of America, the same army that US officials claim is in Syria, which presence is illegal by international law, is in Syria to fight ISIS, what's going on?

American Military Illegals Continue to Train Terrorists How to Bomb Syria

I'm sorry if this might come as a surprise to many who follow the lines of the Pentagon officials and their mainstream media propagandists but after all these years and all the revelations including by former and sitting officials in NATO and in the USA itself about the reality of the war on Syria and the terrorist groups the United States sponsored there, including ISIS, whether directly or indirectly, it's not about ignorance, misguided, brainwashed, or misinformed, it's about a choice those who support the US military in Syria in supporting the groups that military is sponsoring including ISIS, and dare they claim they get offended by calling them ISIS supporters or apologists, they're actively helping these terrorists commit their crimes against innocent people have caused no harm to them at all, and this comes at a price, Karma works, if you don't believe in God.

In this example, do not take my words about the US Army supporting ISIS, take the words of the so-called 'Inherent Resolve' aka International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve, in case you didn't hear of them, they're the forces comprising of NATO, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and their armed 'freedom fighters'... What a collection of beacons of freedoms and democracy promoters!

In a tweet, not the first of its kind, the spokesperson of the so-called Inherent Resolve commanded by U.S. Army Major General John W. Brennan, the spokesperson brags about their 'partners' the so-called 'Maghaweir Thowra' (Maghawir Thawra) and how they work to "enhance interoperability & create a strong & ready force to be ready when the need arises" claiming it's aimed to combat DAESH (ISIS - ISIL - IS) and hashtagging the tweet with #StrongerTogether!

American Military Illegals Continue to Train Terrorists How to Bomb Syria

The Tweet itself is quoting a tweet of the ISIS-affiliated terrorist group 'Maghawir Thawra' (translated from Arabic: Commandos of the Revolution), a 'revolution' against ISIS? Think about it for a second, a revolution is not carried out against another 'rebel' group, it's carried out against a sitting government, being in Syria it's carried out against the Syrian state and the Syrian armed forces, it doesn't take 2 to figure this out, not even a couple of seconds of brain usage.

This terrorist group is well known to the Syrian people for its continued detention of hundreds of Syrian families in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp in the depth of the desert in the most horrific 'living' conditions, with the direct protection of the US forces. This particular terrorist group is also known for a heinous massacre they committed in July 2018 against the villagers in the remote villages of the Syrian province of Sweida, they slaughtered 150 people attacking them before dawn, they injured more than 200 others, no woman, elderly or even child was spared.

For the US Army and its 'coalition' to disgustingly brag about their 'partnership' with such a group, other than betting on the short memory of their western people, they're literally adding salt to the injuries of the victims of these terrorists, whether the ones who remain held in the Rukban Concentration Camp, or those slaughtered by this group, and you can tell the US commanders and propagandists claiming to 'partner' with this group to 'combat' ISIS is no different than when the top US and British officials were lying about the non-existing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction to justify invading that oil-rich country, and not surprisingly that ISIS and its predecessor Al Qaeda Iraq came out of Iraq under the US occupation.

More in this report by American investigative journalist Miri Wood: American Military Illegals Continue to Train Terrorists How to Bomb Syria.

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