Sunday, January 16, 2022

NATO-sponsored Terrorists on Killing Spree in Northern Syria

NATO-sponsored terrorists managed to carry out 4 explosions in areas occupied by NATO member state Turkey and its Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in the countrysides of the northern Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Hasakah, their victims, as usual, were mainly civilians.

NATO Terrorists Kill and Injure Many in Northern Syria in Four Explosions

A victim of a terrorist explosion whether by a suicide bomber blowing up his vest or by detonating a bomb in a car or a roadside bomb, an IED planted in toys (their preferred method), will mostly be killed instantly getting torn apart from the explosion, or maimed losing limbs and get their burns and wounds from the fire and shrapnel, for those who do not know, in other words, the victims' lives are ruined forever and in almost all the cases the lives of all their family members.

These latest terrorist attacks included a NATO-sponsored suicide bomber blowing himself up in a civilian and a child in the main bus station of Al-Bab, a city in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo; a car bomb explosion Asyanieh neighborhood in the city of Azaz; a suicide explosion at Kawa Roundabout in the city of Afrin, both Azaz and Afrin cities are in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo; and a bomb explosion in Ras Al-Ayn in the northwestern countryside of Hasakah province.

All of the attacks were carried out in regions under the direct occupation of NATO Turkish soldiers and their Al Qaeda terrorists, don't take my word for the Turkish army being the 2nd top NATO army, look it up on NATO's official website, and also you can rely on Erdogan himself, his army generals, and propagandists bragging about their work with Al Qaeda terrorists, Erdogan propagandists will call these terrorists as 'Free Syrian Army' and 'Moderate Rebels' and even the 'National Army' in Syria, and the same terrorists call themselves as fighters affiliated with Al Qaeda and ISIS!

These four latest terrorist attacks have not been adopted by any party thus far, the culprits could be anybody in the lawless regions under NATO occupation spanning from the Kurdish terrorist groups of the SDF and the PKK, the Al Qaeda and its affiliated terrorist groups working for the Turkish madman Erdogan, the Turkish 'intelligence' under the fanatic Hakan Fidan who is fond of false flag operations to carry out 'retaliation', or the CIA and British MI6 very active in these areas.

More about these attacks, a video report, and an interactive map in my report on Syria News: NATO Terrorists Kill and Injure Many in Northern Syria in Four Explosions.

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