Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Israel Challenging the Patience of Syria Bombs Latakia Seaport

An hour after midnight, Israel carried out a new aggression against Syria, we stopped counting this year how many already, the attack came from the Mediterranean but targeted a vital site for the first time, the target was the containers yard of Syria's largest commercial seaport, Latakia.

Breaking: Israel Escalates its Aggression on Syria, Bombs Latakia Seaport
The video is on YouTube and on Syria News.

Unlike all previous attacks, the anti-Jewish Zionist state hit a sensitive target which is obviously not engaged in any military activity, a civilian commercial vital seaport, and the largest one in Syria.

Syria, which is fighting the world's most dangerous terrorist groups on behalf of all humanity has been constantly and repeatedly bombed and attacked by the USA, other NATO member states, and Israel, this by itself shows whose side is who and who's fighting terror and who's creating and sponsoring those terrorists.

The Israelis will be 'GRAVELY' mistaking if they think this latest aggression targeting Latakia seaport from the Mediterranean will go unpunished, Israel also has seaports, the fact that China Harbour, one of China's largest state-owned companies, run Israel's seaports doesn't spare them from retaliation attacks, a deterrent must be put. Syria's relations with China will not be affected, it was China that chose to cooperate with Syria's enemies and on stolen Palestinian land.

The days of the US presence in the region are in weeks now, 3 weeks to be precise before the Pentagon will need to bring in large quantities of bodybags for its soldiers in Syria and in Iraq if they do not leave by this year's end, Israel knows this very much and is trying to drag the US troops in a regional war to keep them defending it and its war crimes, today's aggression might be its bet for that.

Let's see the reaction of the Syrian leadership, will it wait and gain the most strategic goal by ending the US presence in the region first before retaliating or would it retaliate, and if the US gets involved it would expedite the order for the bodybags for the US troops? Syria has won the unwinnable battles against over 350,000 suicide bombers brought from all sides of the planet with their sponsors, bankrupting the US economy by helping Iraqi resistance push the US troops out, and burying PNAC forever, the Project for New American Century, they know exactly what they're doing.

More in this report: Breaking: Israel Escalates its Aggression on Syria, Bombs Latakia Seaport.

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