Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Israel Bombs a Cargo of Nescafe 3 x 1 in Latakia, Biden Forces Get Beaten up in Syria, Again!

So Israel is all over the news they attacked an Iranian shipment of weapons headed to the Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance movement in the Syrian commercial port of Latakia yesterday an hour after midnight, that's exactly what they say to justify their cheap attacks on the Syrian army with the help of the US-led coalition to support ISIS when the Syrian army is combating ISIS and a host of hundreds of Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups all over the country, except that each time after the attack it's obvious they were bombing the Syrian army to help ISIS and the other terrorists.

Israeli Bombing Latakia Port, Captagon Seizing, Biden Forces Adventures

Putting aside that for the first time since the US-led war against the Syrian people started in early 2011, and even since the 1973 war, this is the first time Israel attacks the commercial port of Latakia, Syria's largest coastal city and the most important port in West Asia. It's an act of aggression soon enough it'll regret; putting that aside, what did Israel actually target?

All the footage and images from the scene of the attack as firefighters were putting down the fires show the targeted containers were of cloth, food items, and one of the containers was a cargo of Nescafe 2 x 1 and 3 x 1 sachets! Do those terrify Israel to the extent of taking the risk of igniting a regional war that will see thousands of missiles falling on its head every single day?

Now, the attack is already over and there will be a response, most of Syria's direct responses to Israel are not developed in the media, Israeli officials know about it, Syria doesn't brag about it for reasons even I fail to understand sometimes except maybe because of requests by the Russians not to show it, but in this latest attack Israel has crossed the lines and will be beaten up badly, the coming days will tell how bad it will be.

On the other hand and in northeastern Syria, Biden forces were not having their best day even though they carried out an airdrop operation to kidnap civilians or maybe to move ISIS commanders to 'safer places' within their illegal bases in the region. A double roadside bomb attacked a military column of vehicles of the Biden forces of oil thieves, severe damage was inflicted, the Pentagon is yet to tell us how many of its troops got 'headaches' and were needed to be airlifted to Germany for treatment and later announced dead.

More in this report: Israeli Bombing Latakia Port, Captagon Seizing, Biden Forces Adventures.

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