Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Finally, the Syrian Army Enters Last ISIS Stronghold in Daraa, Southern Syria

After the dozens of attempts to impede the implementation of the ceasefire and the agreement to end the terrorist presence in Daraa Balad, the southern district of the city of Daraa, the largest city in southern Syria, especially ISIS terrorists holed in there, the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian law enforcement units entered the district this morning.

Daraa Balad: Syrian Army Enters the District; Hundreds Join Reconciliation

More than 800 armed men handed over their heavy machine guns, RPGs, and other weapons and massive quantities of munition, they signed up to join the reconciliation efforts to benefit from the presidential amnesty and to return to their normal lives.

About 50,000 people who were displaced from the district for over 8 years now are more than anxious to return and dozens of them rushed to inspect their houses even before the Syrian Army's engineers gave the final clearance as they comb the area for explosives, landmines left by the terrorists, and tunnels dug by them.

This closes one of the last 3 main chapters in the 10.5 years US-led war of terror and war of aggression against the Syrian people, the remaining two chapters are in the northeast and northwest of Syria.

More in this report: Daraa Balad: Syrian Army Enters the District; Hundreds Join Reconciliation.

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