Sunday, August 15, 2021

New Man-made Disaster in Lebanon Claim the Lives of 22 People and Burn 77 Others

Yesterday night an explosion killed 20 Lebanese and injured 79 others in a northern village, two more of the injured succumbed to their wounds this morning, bodies were burning on the ground and nobody could do a thing waiting for the fire fighting brigade, at least four of the victims were from the Lebanese army.

Oil Tanker Explosion in Akkar, Lebanon Kills 20 and Injures 79 People
For the video click on the link below.

The Lebanese people are living an escalating pressure by the USA and its cronies and through some of the Lebanese officials themselves who work for the Saudis, the United States wants Lebanon to give up large parts of its gas fields in the south to Israel, recognize the anti-Jewish Zionist state, and continue to help destroy Syria, the Lebanese are fighting back and they're going through very bad times because of their resistance.

This latest incident comes just days after the first anniversary of the 4th largest explosion in the world which destroyed the Beirut Port on the 4th of August of last year.

The Lebanese army was raiding petrol stations that were stockpiling the gasoline anticipating a hike in its price after the governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, a US-protected super corrupt official, announced he will not cover any further imports of gasoline.

More in this report: Oil Tanker Explosion in Akkar, Lebanon Kills 20 and Injures 79 People - video included.

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