Saturday, August 14, 2021

Biden Forces in Northern Syria Act Like Rambo against Civilians Airdrop, Kidnap, Destroy

They are shown too many Hollywood movies, they get too much armed, they are told they can do whatever they want, and if someone exposes their crimes that someone will get 'suicided' in his prison cell, and then they're unleashed against unarmed civilians and claim heroic acts, go back to tell their children stories of how much they suffered while committing their crimes!

Biden Forces Kidnap a Citizen and Destroy his House in Deir Ezzor

Biden forces continue the above series in the places they illegally occupy in northern Syria, today 4 helicopters raided a village, heavily armed mercenaries stormed a house, abducted a civilian, and destroyed his house as they were leaving the village.

Then they wonder why their country is being destroyed from within: astronomical public debt with interest, decomposing infrastructure, aging facilities, increased poverty, and homeless people, then comes nature's anger.

More about the latest Biden's war crime in this report: Biden Forces Kidnap a Citizen and Destroy his House in Deir Ezzor.

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