Saturday, July 31, 2021

After Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, NATO Madman Erdogan Sending terrorists to Afghanistan

The Turkish madman and NATO's 2nd most powerful leader Erdogan vowed to fill in the void in Afghanistan of the other NATO troops after they complete their withdrawal, he kept 500 of the Turkish Army, still NATO, in Kabul to 'protect the city's airport', but those are not enough, from where will Erdogan bring the needed forces to keep a NATO grip on that impoverished country?

Erdogan Sending Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to Afghanistan
Erdogan Army of Al Qaeda Terrorists in Northern Syria

He did it before and he can do it again, so he thinks, Erdogan since and before the beginning of the US-led war on Syria turned his country, Turkey, into a major hub and transit base for radical terrorists who follow his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine from all over the world to be gathered, trained, armed, and then sent to fight on behalf of NATO where member states of the not needed any more alliance do not want to send their own troops to kill and get killed.

The plan worked well for NATO in Libya, at first, then gathering the terrorists from Libya itself after NATO's major and easy success there to Syria where the terrorists were and are still being augmented on daily basis with more of their ilk, they proved to be very essential in committing genocide, massacres, war crimes, and all ugly things that are a little more difficult to trace back to NATO's headquarters, except when NATO officials themselves spill the beans or terrorists themselves confess, or get caught red-handed like confiscating the shipments of weapons en route to Syria, or the weapons failed to kill and remained with its serial numbers on it leading to its source.

Erdogan's, and NATO's bad luck in Syria was the steadfastness and unbelievable heroism by the Syrian people and their armed forces, and leadership to halt NATO's newest regime change and to reverse the domino, Erdogan's domestic issues grew in his face, whatever funding he's receiving from his sponsors is barely enough, and new battlefronts are opened including their previous Libya, so Erdogan shipped some of those terrorists back to Libya, then to Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, then to Azerbaijan, and God knows where else, and now since he got used to it, he's sending the terrorists to Afghanistan. NATO never leaves a country after they invade it, they either manage to install puppet regimes to serve their interests or return in different ways and shapes including militarily like the US in Iraq or France in Central Africa.

More in this report with additional links to sources of news mentioned above: Erdogan Sending Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists to Afghanistan - video report included.

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