Friday, May 28, 2021

President Bashar Assad Re-elected with a Whopping 95.1%

The highest turnout ever, the longest celebrations before, through, and after, and the biggest victory at a moment history is being written, the Syrian President Bashar Assad beat all odds and won re-election for 7 more years achieving 95.1% of the votes.

President Bashar Al Assad Won Re-election with 95.1% of the Total Votes

Out of the 18.1 million eligible voters, 14.2 million voted, out of those 13.5 million voted for the incumbent President Assad, that's 95.1% of the total votes, the other two candidates received 684 thousand votes only.

A landslide victory for President Assad was predicted even by his worst foes Al Qaeda and the USA, but this surpassed all expectations, and this is based on a new constitution approved in 2012, a year after the beginning of the US-led war of terror and war of attrition against the Levantine country.

The entire investments in terrorism, propaganda and economic pressure only achieved mass murders, maiming, and displacement of ordinary civilians in their hundreds of thousands, widespread destruction all over the towns and cities infested by the US-sponsored terrorists of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates and derivatives including ISIS to promote 'democracy' in Syria, the next question will be: is the price worth it? NATO countries stealing their own people's hard-earned tax money to fund terrorist groups, then causing all this mayhem in a country that never posed any danger to them, what was the end goal?

We know why NATO countries, the neo-Crusaders invaded Syria directly and by their terrorist proxies, do their people know?

Will the citizens of NATO countries hold their officials accountable for their investment in terrorism in Syria or they'll give them a pass just like how they did in Iraq's WMD scandalous war crime?

There's a new reality in Syria now, in the whole region, how long it will take the USA and its European stooges to admit their failure and make a U-turn on their criminal policies toward Syria? President Assad is staying for the coming 7 years, are they going to keep 'spreading democracy' in Syria for the coming 7 years? Or will they accept the will of the people and recognize real democracy?

More in this report: President Bashar Al Assad Won the Re-election with 95.1% of the Total Votes.

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