Friday, May 28, 2021

US Top General is a Liar and Oil Thieve - Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

To be honest, her words were a little more diplomatic than that but essentially that's how Maria Zakharova described the latest statements of the US CENTCOM commander McKenzie in regards to Syria.

Russian Foreign Ministry: US CENTCOM Commander McKenzie is Lying

The career spokeswoman reminded McKenzie that his troop's presence in Syria is illegal as per international law as, unlike the Russian troop's presence in the country, does not have the approval from Damascus, the Syrian Arab Republic is a sovereign nation as much as the USA thinks itself is.

McKenzie claimed that his troops alone fought ISIS and defeated them, everybody else knowledgeable knows that McKenzie's troops are behind the creation of ISIS, their spreading, their crimes, their protection to the extent the US troops attacked the Syrian Arab Army in Syria more than once, at one time was at the Jabal Thardeh in Deir Ezzor in September 2017, a Syrian Army's battalion was defending the city of 120,000 inhabitants from an imminent ISIS attack who managed to besiege the city and the US air force bombed the Syrian Army's post for over 50 minutes killing 84 SAA personnel which allowed an ISIS group to overrun the post, it was by miracle that the Syrian Army regrouped and eliminated the ISIS threat.

The US air force continued their attack despite the deconfliction line with the Russian top command who warned them and asked them to stop. Later on, the Pentagon apologized saying they carried out the attack by mistake, an apology that wouldn't have come out had they managed to overtake the city with their proxy ISIS terrorists.

Zakharova reminded the US top general that his troops are after Syria's oil, evidently by constantly smuggling tanker trucks through illegal crossing with Iraq.

More from the Russian statement, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tagged us in a related tweet, in this report: Russian Foreign Ministry: US CENTCOM Commander McKenzie is Lying.

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