Wednesday, April 7, 2021

US-sponsored ISIS Terrorists Kidnaps Farmers, Kill One, Injures Many Others in Eastern Hama

Herds of ISIS terrorists attacked a group of farmers in the eastern Hama countryside, killed one of the farmers, injured many others, and kidnapped the rest in one of its latest escalations against the Syrian people since the 'most diversified and inclusive' junta of Joseph Biden came to power in the White House.

isis attacks a group of farmers in eastern hama, syria

The targeted group of poor farmers was gathering truffles in the outskirts of Salamiyeh city to the east of Hama city, central Syria.

This is not the first of such an attack, the US-created, trained, armed, sponsored, and cooperated with ISIS terrorists have attacked and killed farmers and gatherers in these rural areas over the past couple of months. Ever since the Pentagon vowed to revive ISIS after the terrorist organization's defeat by the Syrian armed forces and their allies, the US army increased its support to ISIS terrorists to the extent the US army carried out a military drill with one of ISIS groups in the Syrian desert of Al Tanf under the orders of Donald Trump.

More in this latest US war crime against the Syrian people in this report: US-Sponsored ISIS Kill, Injure, Kidnap Syrians Collecting Truffles in Hama.

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