Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Turkish Erdogan in Ukraine's Escalations is Playing the Oldest Profession, Again, Waiting Who Pays More

Turkish Madman Erdogan is an excellent example of a double/ triple/ multi-faced hypocrite, unprincipled opportunist, a liar, and above all a thug, he embodies everything Islam ever preached against, his role in the recent US-pushed Ukrainian escalations against Russia could not be missed.

Ukraine tensions - Russia, USA, NATO, the Turkish Straits

The Turkish warlord wants to exit the historic Montreux Convention international water treaty that stipulates the ownership and movements of the Bosphorus and Dardanelles water passages separating Asia from Europe, the dates back to 1936. He plans to open a new passage from the Marmara Sea into the Black Sea in order for his patrons in the USA can send their navy ships into the Black Sea and at the lower belly of Russia, an old dream of the US-led NATO. The current Montreux Convention currently has restrictions against the passage of non-Black Sea countries' navy ships to go through the existing water canals.

Despite the enormous consensus he managed to get from Russian President Putin in order to contain the neo-Ottoman's Sultan wannabe ambitions to avoid imploding Turkey from within, Erdogan keeps blackmailing Russia, it's not enough his role in helping Ukraine under its current Jewish President Zalinsky to split the Orthodox Church into two parts, and it's not enough turning his country to a launchpad of every terrorist of the hundreds of thousands of them he managed to recruit from countries spanning from Indonesia in the far east to Canada in the far west, to use them against Syria and later against Russia, he's now working to support Ukraine's escalation against Russia.

Waiting to see what Joe Biden, the head of the 'diversified inclusive' junta of the White House, has to offer him and weighing the price against what he can get from Russia, Erdogan will decide which camp he will ally his country with.

Turkish career journalist Husni Mahali and former personal friend of Erdogan who also was imprisoned by the sultan wannabe for criticizing Turkey's criminal role in Syria explains Erdogan's motives in his latest eye-opening article I translated to English: Tension in Ukraine and the Turkish Straits Issue

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