Tuesday, April 13, 2021

US MSM Propaganda Always Portray Army Mercenaries Illegally in Conflict Zones as Journalists

If you haven't watched the movie Argo I suggest you do, it's a story about how the CIA removed its assets from the Iranian capital Tehran posing them as Canadian crew in a movie just after the Iranian Revolutions.

Whatever the circumstances and the roles those embassy staffers were playing in Iran is irrelevant here, the idea is whenever they're caught they pose as other professions, just like the hysteria now about the Australian Israeli Mossad spy released recently from Iran in exchange for 3 Iranians kidnapped abroad, she is promoted in the controlled Mainstream Media as an innocent tourist in Iran although pictures of her undertaking military training in Israel by the Mossad refute her claims.

The USA sent many such spies to Syria throughout the past decade, first of all, they all enter the country illegally, denying them visas by the Syrian authorities does not entitle them any right to enter the country smuggled by terrorist groups into terrorist-controlled areas and 'reporting' from there, imagine if it was the opposite and 'journalists' from other countries smuggled into the USA by armed militias who film themselves commit massacres against US policemen and civilians.

Second, accompanying armed groups in a country where its internationally recognized government is fighting them not only puts them at the risk of being killed during combats, it actually turns them into members of those armed groups especially when they report the terrorists' point of view of the events! Again, imagine the same in the USA itself.

Austin Tice was one of those 'Marine-trained veteran' who gone missing in Syria shortly after he published pictures of himself celebrating what he described as his 'best birthday party ever' in a stolen house of a Syrian family who most probably was butchered by those throwing the party for this American illegal. Since his disappearance, nobody heard of him.

Recently, news about him re-emerged in western media again portraying him as a 'journalist' who went missing and actually praising Trump for sending a delegation to Syria to ask help from the Syrian government to secure his rescue and in exchange, offering to provide medical treatment for Syria's First Lady who was suffering from cancer, which treatment was complicated due to the US and EU-imposed blockade on Syria and just after days after it was revealed that Trump plotted to kill Syria's President Bashar Assad!!

The same media that doesn't say a single word about Syria's real accredited journalists killed in their home country while reporting the news by the terrorists this Tice and others embed themselves with.

Mother of Syrian Journalist Martyr Khalid Al Khatib carrying his coffin
Mother of Syrian Journalist Martyr Khalid Al Khatib carrying his coffin

If you have a stomach for such disgusting acts check this very informative piece by Miri Wood for Syria News exposing all these lies and tactics: Austin Tice: New Round of anti-Syria Propaganda Launched.

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