Monday, April 12, 2021

When is the Turkish - Russian War? Observers Are Asking?

Throughout history the two former empires Russia and Ottoman Turkey fought 16 wars in which 11 wars Russia won and destroyed much of the Ottoman empire, the last century also saw confrontations between the two neighbors, most were indirect as the Turks have a habit of deceiving and betraying, they can't help it.


Erdogan is everything bad a Turk can represent and as little as related to Islam, none of his acts represent Islam or near it despite the massive propaganda portraying him as an Islamic leader, he's a Muslim Brotherhood leader, a radical organization that believes in violence against other Muslims, mainly, to achieve a political agenda set by those who created it in the first place, the British.

Sadly, many consider Erdogan as a true Muslim leader because of his loud noise on less important topics and despite his betrayal to Islam on the major topics, nobody killed Muslims and caused harm to Islam as much as this hypocrite, this is where his danger and the danger of US-weapons-stuffed Turkey comes from, especially the manipulating and radicalization of poorer Muslims in rural areas in Central Asia, Western China, and across the Arab world.

Erdogan is also an opportunist, he jumps directly on the lap of the client who pays more, no principles at all for this person, even practitioners of the oldest profession have some criteria for their clients.

The recent escalations pushed for by the most inclusive and diverse junta of Joseph Biden against Russia is a new opportunity where he does what he knows best offering services for both parties and seeing who pays more at the end. This, now, is much more dangerous than all of Erdogan's previous adventures whether in northern Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Nagorno-Karabach, or western China, in this particular case he's trying to wake up the Russian bear.

Husni Mahali, a career Turkish journalist and former personal friend of Erdogan reads him quite well and asks the pressing question in his latest article he published in Arabic and I've translated to English: Turkey and Russia… Is there a New War?!

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