Friday, March 26, 2021

NATO's Roadside Bomb Kills a Father Injures Child in Southwestern Syria

A roadside bomb planted by NATO-sponsored terrorists killed one civilian and injured his child and another civilian in the southwestern Syrian province of Quneitra earlier today.

Quneitra Province - Southern Syria

The bomb was detonated in the car carrying the 3 victims on the road between two villages adjacent to the occupied Syrian Golan.

Terror attacks by ISIS-affiliated groups have been on the rise ever since the Pentagon threatened to revive ISIS in September 2019 and the illegal ever-increasing deployment of US troops in Syria in the northeast to loot Syrian oil and wheat, and in the southeast to block any connection between Syria and its neighboring countries.

More on this latest attack in this report: Father Killed and Child Injured by a NATO’s Roadside Bomb in Quneitra.

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