Sunday, March 28, 2021

An Illegal Military Base for Biden's Forces in Syria Got Bombed

While the US regime continues to export its surplus of non-existing democracy and freedoms to targeted countries around the world, it fails to report on matters that should be of concern to its own citizens, like how many of them are killed and injured in its military and black-op adventures around the globe.

American illegal military base bombed in Syria

We don't see US mainstream media, or US officials, report the truth about the real number of their troops deployed especially in our region, we would see such reports by 'former' US officials after they're kicked out of office or when they want to make some pocket money for themselves.

US troops in Syria is no exception, when the junta led by the degenerate Donald Trump claimed he was reducing his forces of the 'oil thieves and ISIS support regiment' they were, in reality, beefing up those forces, we know that from our own sources from our country and later on Trump's own envoy to Syria spilled the beans when he literally said: 'we lied about the number of our troops in Syria, it's several times the stated numbers.'

Add to that the number of their casualties, for instance, the bombing of their illegal military base in the Syrian oil field of Konoko (aka Conoco) in Deir Ezzor on the 24th of this month. Obviously, the concerned USAians at their best would be worried when they hear of such news about the casualties among their own children sent to kill and get killed on exactly the other side of the planet, even the smartest of them would not ask why the USA has a military base in a Syrian oil field in the first place and who gave them the authority to be deployed there and what they are doing exactly there and would they be considered heroes and end up in heavens when they get killed or escape with lifetime disabilities or they'll be mercenaries based on their mission declared by their own commander in chief: 'I like oil, I'm keeping troops in Syria to protect the oil, because I like oil,' Watch for yourself: Donald Trump: I'm Leaving Troops in Syria for the Oil.

The news of this latest bombing in this report: Biden Forces Illegal Military Base in Syria Bombed.

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