Sunday, March 28, 2021

Stealing Syrians Food to Beef Up ISIS, That's How Low the USA Is Now

Forces loyal to the 'inclusive and diverse' junta of the White House continue to plunder Syrian resources in a low for any combating forces, their latest is the continuation of stealing Syrian wheat and smuggling it to ISIS terrorists in neighboring Iraq.

Archive foto: Oil and Wheat Thieves moving between Syria and Iraq
Archive foto: Oil and Wheat Thieves moving between Syria and Iraq

Biden forces smuggled 112 trucks loaded with stolen Syrian wheat, the main food staple for the people in the Levant, just in the past two weeks. The smuggled trucks were spotted emptying the silos in Tal Alou of the northeastern Syrian province of Hasakah and heading with the grains toward the borders with Iraq at the Yarubiyeh illegal crossing.

This comes at times the USA and its European humanitarian hypocrites tighten their sanctions and blockade against Syria by threatening further sanctions on any foreign party dealing with the Syrian state and any Syrian-based entity including companies owned by individual Syrians with no political links. Furthermore, the fake humanitarian and real war criminals increased their theft of oil and wheat from Syria and the piracy of ships heading to Syria and sabotaging those they couldn't steal without the public shame.

Depriving the Syrian people of their food under the guise of freeing them from oppression triggers karma, the economies of the USA and its NATO and regional allies are deteriorating because they prioritized starving other peoples over feeding theirs, killing other peoples over curing theirs, and destroying other peoples' infrastructure over building their own collapsing infrastructure.

More of this latest ongoing theft in this report: Biden Forces Steal Syrian Wheat to Feed ISIS in Iraq.

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