Thursday, February 4, 2021

Terrorist Explosion Near Aleppo Kills One and Injures 4

The infighting among the terrorist groups continues to harvest people in the areas of their control, unfortunately, most of their victims are civilians.

Car explosion in Al Bab industrial city north Aleppo

The latest is an explosion of a truck packed with explosives in the industrial zone near Al-Bab city in the northern Aleppo countryside, the explosion killed one person and left 4 others injured, injuries from explosions are not like normal injuries from car or whatever other accidents.

NATO member state Turkey run by the Madman Erdogan occupies that area directly by the Turkish army and through a large number of terrorist groups most of whom are foreign terrorists the neo-Ottoman Sultan wannabe brought them from all sides of the planet and dumped them into the northern regions of Syria.

There's barely a couple of days between each such terrorist explosion and the following one, they're fighting over areas of control, pleasing their sponsors, and over spoils of war.

More in this report: Car Explosion in Al-Bab North of Aleppo Kills One Person Injures 4 Others.

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