Friday, February 5, 2021

Syrian Army Kills and Injures 16 Turkish-Sponsored Turkestan Islamist Party Terrorists

Syrian Army units targeted a gathering of the Turkey-sponsored Turkestan Islamist Party terrorists in the northern countryside of the central Hama province killing and injuring 16 of the terrorists.

Turkestan Islamist Party terrorist group - Syria - الحزب الاسلامي التركستاني

7 of the terrorists were killed on the spot and 9 others were rushed to makeshift medical centers for organ harvesting if they require more than bandages for their wounds, so the number of killed is most likely to increase among the wounded.

This is a severe blow to the Turkish pariah Erdogan who invests heavily in these terrorists, members of this particular group and their families are imported from the Chinese Uighur and Central Asian countries, highly trained in Turkish army camps, 'generously' armed, and then sent into northern Syrian regions especially in Idlib and its nearby areas. They follow Erdogan's religion, a radical interpretation of Islam invented by the British more than a century ago and its core belief has nothing to do with Islam.

Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump's secretary of state delisted this terrorist group from the US-designated groups of terrorists late last year despite the list is included in the United Nations Security Council in the top global and dangerous terrorist groups!

More in this report: SAA Kills and Injures 16 Turkestan Islamist Party Terrorists North of Hama.

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