Tuesday, January 19, 2021

US Helicopter Crash-lands in Northeastern Syria Near Oil Field

A US helicopter landed abruptly and roughly in an illegal US military base near a major oil field in Hasakah province, northeast of Syria on the morning of Tuesday 19 January 2021.

US army helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk in Syria oil thieves

The spokesperson of the oil thieves confirmed the helicopter malfunctioned and landed after a 'mechanical failure', he stated that the incident the Black Hawk suffered from was 'not the result of hostile activity' in a tweet.

Trump promised to withdraw his troops from Syria, and the region to 'Make America Great Again' and stop the money bleeding that led to enormous public debt, he said that the involvement of the USA in the 'Middle East' cost the USA 7 trillion dollars, but instead Trump increased the US presence in the region and especially in Syria to 'keep the oil, he likes oil' in his own words. That oil belongs to the Syrian people not to the foreign invaders or their ISIS or Kurdish separatist proxies.

In addition to stealing Syrian oil, wheat, barley, depriving the Syrian people of their drinking water, and access to their homes and farmlands, the US troops are in Syria using proxies like ISIS, the Turkish madman Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, and the Kurdish separatists against the Syrian people.

Details in this report: US Helicopter Crash-Lands in Hasakah Over Illegal Military Base.

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