Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Major War Crime Being Committed by Turkey against 1 Million Syrian Right Now

While the world is busy now watching the surplus of the US democracy pouring on the streets of its own capital because they couldn't export it to new countries due to the lockdowns, Turkey, a leading NATO member state, is committing a new genocide to be added to its history of violence, a war crime against one million Syrian civilians in the province of Hasakah, northeast of Syria.

Hasakah people protesting cutting off alouk water
Hasakah people protesting cutting off Allouk drinking water

Collective punishment is considered a war crime by the 1949 Geneva Conventions, one of which is inflicting harm on a population to achieve political gains or in this case also to replace the people of the land with others of radical ideologies imported from all sides of the world and from other places of the country.

What do you call cutting off the drinking water for over 1 million human beings? It's a war crime.

If it's committed by a NATO member state then the alliance of evildoers will support each other as they always do where they put aside their core differences to achieve their evil goals. Turkey has major issues with each other NATO member state, yet when it comes to genocide they're all on the same boat.

This is not the first time the Turkish regime of Madman Erdogan cut the drinking water off the people of Hasakah province who only have one source for fresh drinking water through the Allouk Water station, this is being a weapon used repeatedly by Erdogan against neighboring country Syria, let's say one of the many weapons he is using for the past decade, the neo-Ottoman Sultan wannabe is encouraged to use this war crime by the silence of the NATO-dominated United Nations Security Council despite the numerous calls by the Syrian and Russian ambassadors to condemn this ongoing war crime.

More in this report: NATO Supremacists New Round of Frenzied War Crimes in Syria.

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