Tuesday, January 26, 2021

US Former Envoy to Syria Exposes the Hypocrisy of Trump's Policies in the Region

James Jeffrey, one more war criminal and hypocrite liar who caused unimaginable suffering to the Syrian people with the policies he advised his boss Trump to execute in Syria is now spilling the beans.

James Jeffrey US - Trump policy against Syria, Iran, Iraq, Leban

In a series of exposes after he was dismissed from his job and even before the term of Trump ended, the war criminal told in a number of interviews, articles, and correspondences about the policies of his former boss in Syria, the real policies not the ones he and his boss were telling the public when they were in office.

Don't they all do the same? Western officials only tell the truth after they are out of office, while during their work they commit horrific crimes against humanity and against their own people as well, is this a way for them to get their crimes washed away? It never will.

James Jeffrey in an article published in Foreign Affairs confessed it was never about promoting 'freedoms', 'democracy', or even fighting ISIS, it was all about securing Israel, destroying Syria's infrastructure, and confronting Iran and Russia.

Syrian advisor to President Assad picked on the war criminal's article and wrote: Do You Read What They Write? Unstated Policies of Trump in Syria.

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