Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Syrian Army: US-Sponsored Terrorists in Tafas, South of Syria Have 3 Days to Leave or Else

Terrorists holed in the town of Tafas in the southern Syrian province of Daraa have until Thursday to drop their weapons and get shipped to Idlib or they'll be shipped to Hell, the Syrian Arab Army issued the last ultimatum yesterday.

US- al qaeda and isis terrorist groups in Daraa Syria

After months of delayed military operations because of the requests by the Russians, the Syrian Arab Army finally gave the last ultimatum to US-sponsored terrorists in the town of Tafas, some 13 kilometers northwest of Daraa city, the ultimatum is simple and it's very humanly which the terrorists do not deserve: Drop your weapons and get on the green buses to Idlib or get an express ticket to Hell.

The ultimatum, co-sponsored this time by the Russian military police officers who attended the negotiations, ends on Thursday morning.

Thousands of terrorists dropped their weapons in 2018 when the Syrian Arab Army advanced to clean Daraa city and its countryside, many of them even joined the ranks of the Syrian armed forces in pursuit of the real terrorists, these were forced to carry weapons under threat but did not fight the SAA, herds of the terrorists who refused to join the reconciliation efforts were shipped to Idlib in the northwest of Syria to join their brethren expelled from other areas in Syria. However, a group of radicals refused to join the reconciliation and refused to be shipped to Idlib continued what terrorists do for the past 2 years under the protection of the US illegal military base in At Tanf, until the SAA had enough of them.

More in this report: SAA Issues 3 Days Ultimatum for Terrorists in Tafas, South of Syria.

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