Sunday, January 31, 2021

New Day New Horror in Afrin, the Syrian City Occupied by NATO Turkey and Al Qaeda

Occupied by NATO member state Turkey and its Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups since March 2018, the Syrians who remained in the city of Afrin didn't live a single day without oppression, theft of their properties, unrooting of their trees, and explosions, not to mention infighting between the different terrorist groups sponsored by different NATO and proxy countries over spoils of war.

Afrin Car Explosion - Aleppo Terror Turkey Erdogan

The latest is a car explosion in the industrial district of the city, the victims were 3 children and 2 civilian adults who were killed on the spot, and 25 others were rushed to medical centers for treatment some of who might not make it due to the severity of their wounds.

This, sadly, is becoming the norms ever since NATO countries led by the USA decided to export their surplus of 'democracy' to Syria, the last secular country in the entire region and far beyond, the result: millions killed, maimed, displaced, and the rise of radical anti-Islamic terrorism never seen before with the direct involvement of Turkey, the second most important country in NATO, and its ilk and states the likes of Saudi, Qatar, and of course: Israel.

There are no reports of casualties in this latest car explosion attack among terrorists sponsored by the Turkish Madman Erdogan, but even if there were, there's no justification to kill innocent people to take out targets, especially children, the world shouldn't follow the lead of the USA in this.

More in this report: Occupied Afrin: Terror Car Explosion Kills 3 Children and 2 Adults.

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