Sunday, January 31, 2021

Kurdish Terrorists Kill a Protester and Injure 3 Others in Northeast Syria

If a war crime is committed by a NATO member state or any of its proxies then it doesn't get any attention especially in western mainstream media, and if it does the blame will be on the victims, however, if a criminal gang attack a government officer or a public building in a country they didn't swallow yet then the whole western politicians and their propagandists in their mainstream media go rabid and flood the screens with their crocodile tears condemning and demonizing the victims and whitewashing the crimes of the criminals, let's hope this will wake up the western fools who preach us about democracies and human rights they themselves lack in their countries.

Kurdish SDF separatists kill a Syrian protester in Hasakah

For 19 days the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist terrorists imposed a full blockade on the cities of Hasakah and Qamishli, the largest cities in the northeast of Syria, trapping more than 100,000 human beings and blocking deliveries of food, especially wheat, medicine, and even drinking water from entering those cities. Thousands of the Kurdish fighters who mostly came from northern Iraq backed by illegal US occupation forces, and not a single word from the western humanitarian hypocrites.

A couple of days ago the Kurdish fighters killed a protester, not a single word from the western hypocrites, and earlier today they killed another one, still not a word from the western criminals who increased their sanctions against the Syrian people.

Have you heard about any of these protests or crimes against humanity and protesters or you're busy watching few hundreds of outlaws protesting for a western stooge called Navalny in Russia, the country of 145 million people?

More in this report: US-Sponsored Kurdish SDF Kill a Protester and Injure 3 Others Hasakah.

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